Mondilor Functional Food Ingredients.

Mondilor is a specialist manufacturer of shelf life solutions and functional ingredients to the food industry.

A confluence of academic minds each with decades of food innovation experience was the catalyst to the evolution of Mondilor as a food technology company. Based in Singapore we draw on ingredients from both Europe and Asia and manufacture our products at specialist production units in both China and South Africa. We supply our unique food solutions to distributors and food manufacturers around the world.

What Is Shelf Life?

Your food product fresher for longer.

Shelf Life Extension is a science that Mondilor has been perfecting, using hurdle technology, targeting spoilage microbes, through targeted research and development utilizing GRAS, Codex Alimentaria approved, natural ingredient combinations for the highest effective shelf life possible at various price points, legislated for use in most countries, and benchmarked against all known competitors.

We have completed more than 100 successful trials at food producers around the world, we use specialized know how to advise and formulate for specific customer issues, to provide the best outcome, at a reasonable cost.

The Shelf Life of a product is the summation of all processes including Hygiene, Product Handling, Processing such smoking and cooking, GMP, Cold Chain, and Raw Material Quality.

Our Shelf Life ingredients will extend the shelf life of products greatly, with the total amount of extra shelf life directly related to the summation of all the processes and raw material quality.


We Aim For Perfection In The Products We Make And The Service We Provide.

Mondilor manufactures new generation food solutions that are safe, effective and easy to use.