Vectusem AV

Vectusem AV

A shelf-life and colour extension agent for use in avocado products such as guacamole providing longer shelf life holding colour for much longer once opened.
Vectusem AV 9 is an effective anti-microbial agent for long shelf life of products and is effective at controlling various spoilage bacteria and pathogens. Vectusem AV prevents oxidative browning of avocado products while maintaining and/or improving the flavour of products. The product contains no Nitrates or Nitrites and is micro-biome friendly.

A blend of organic acids and their salts (Ascorbic acid, citric acid), Sodium Chloride and Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate (ELA), dextrose and natamycin

It is supplied as a free-flowing powder in a 10kg LDPE bag

Usage Guideline
The addition rate is 0.5% of the total avocado mass (500g of powder per 100kg of avocado). The product is usually added at the same time as the spices.

Regulatory Compliance
Ingredients are all listed in the WHO Codex Alimentarius for use in meat. All ingredients have USA GRAS status (Generally Regarded as Safe). Please consult your own country’s regulation for ingredient compliance.

Safety Precautions
See the Safety Data Sheet before use

Vectusem AV is stable for 24 months from date of production. The product should be stored in a cool dry and clean environment, out of direct sunlight.